August 2009

posted 28 Oct 2015, 09:40 by Philip Owen   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 10:03 ]
Awards 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the band sincerely for the support and help over the last 12 months. The “backroom” staff have continued to look after the band’s administration affairs admirably and this should not be overlooked. A special thanks go to Kath & Alf Gent and Sharon Owen who attend weekly looking after the library and secretarial jobs.


Dedication and Contribution – Walter

This award was introduced several years ago to recognise exceptional circumstances. An achievement / contribution over and above normal band

duties. This year I think the recipient fits exactly into this category. Walt has been a good friend and helper to the band and myself since its formation and has continued to offer support over the years. However this year he has excelled in the cause for the band. How many players volunteer to move positions and who would move from a cornet to a bass. We would like to thank Walt for his dedicated contribution this year.


Achievement Awards – Matthew, Emily & Ed

2 are for achievement over the last 12 months, in particular the progress made by both of these players. Both are now making a significant contribution to the band’s performances and are valued members of the organisation. These go to Matthew Hollingworth and Emily Tongue.


The 3rd award is again in respect of achievement, but also recognition of the contribution made over a number of years now. Ed has sat in animportant position and has quietly got on with the job in hand and has always performed his part admirably in concerts and more importantly in contests. This award goes to Ed Jolley.


Players Player - David

I think this year David would have been in the running for any award to be presented. He has shown organisation, commitment, dedication and has made significant progress on his instrument. The band has recognised this development, impact and contribution he has made to the band’s performances. This is even more impressive as he has also changed instruments in this past year. Congratulations to this year’s player’s

 player David Mitchell.