July 2011

posted 28 Oct 2015, 15:16 by Philip Owen   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 15:28 ]

Congratulation to Emily, Amy, Calvin, Trevor and Helen

Each year you have expectations for the band and individuals and there are very often surprises around the corner. Last year was no exception. There have been numerous players from the beginners to the more advanced who have shown progress throughout the year and the 2 players receiving ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS in recognition of their development are AMY COLLIER and CALVIN TAYLOR.

All organisations need good administrators and we are pleased to acknowledge the contribution made over the years to the band by HELEN COTTON to whom we presented the GRAHAM THOMAS TROPHY. Helen has worked on policies and funding and this admin work is much appreciated.

In bands like ours the players continually need tutoring, support and encouragement and it is invaluable when you get this assistance from experienced players like TREVOR SMITH. I appreciate the support Trevor has given over the years and he thoroughly deserves the DEDICATION and CONTRIBUTION AWARD.

Our final congratulations go to EMILY TONGUE who the band voted as their PLAYER’s PLAYER for the last year. It is a great accolade when your fellow bandsmen recognise the contribution made as a performer.

Awards Night

Last Monday’s rehearsal presented some surprises for the youth band members. After practising some slow melodies over the last few weeks it was decided to have a little contest between members. It was the younger aged members to go first and for all of these it was the first time they had played their slow melody in front of an audience. All had a valiant attempt but the winner was the youngest of them all 7year old Joe Heartfield on Trombone. In the older group the Iceberg seemed to be favourite choice of slow melody and the winner in this section was Amy Collier, Tenor Horn.


After the presentations of the annual awards the members then took part in a games night. Each member having to attempt 4 tasks in between sampling the buffet! After sharing many amusing moments the points were added up and the winners of these activities were Joe Heartfield and Luke Hallewell.