June 2012

posted 28 Oct 2015, 15:41 by Philip Owen   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 15:49 ]
Junior Section go "Solo"

The junior section of the Thoresby Colliery Youth Band ventured out to their first solo and quartet contest this month. Lauren, Derwyn, Michelle, Joe, George, Jack and Matthew all played a solo in the under 10yrs Slow Melody section at the contest in Staveley. Joe followed this by playing in the duet section with his tutor Stan Lippeatt and to end their day Lauren, Michelle, Matthew and Joe played Claire du Lune in the Under 14 yrs. Hymn Tune Quartet section.

The band MD, Christine Lippeatt who had been working with the children and supported them on the day was pleased with their performances. Although a few tentative moments were experienced while waiting for their draw they all went on and gave a very creditable performance.

Congratulations to you all.