October 2015

posted 28 Oct 2015, 16:30 by Philip Owen   [ updated 22 Mar 2016, 14:54 ]
15th Anniversary Concert & Awards Presentation

Last week Sherwood Forest Brass were in concert in their home village of Clipstone. It is 15 years since the band formed and over the years many youngsters have learnt to play a musical instrument with the band. This concert featured some of the current learners. The main band started the concert with Final Countdown and moved swiftly on with a set of pieces which proved popular with the audience. James Bond, The Clog Dance and The Holy City never seem to lose their appeal. The latter item featured mother and daughter Lynne and Derwyn Ashley as soloists for their first time.

A middle spot featured our youngest group of learners with 4 small ensemble pieces, which they were also playing for the first time. At the conclusion of their spot the band continued with their annual awards and the promise of this young group was rewarded as 3 of them gained awards.

Contribution and Dedication Award

This was awarded to Lynne Ashley who has been committed to this organisation since joining. Taking part in the after school brass group we ruin at a local primary school, the beginners group and main band. She was recognised not only for her playing but also for the help with the running of the band. She is also not shy when it comes to equipment moving. Lynne's enthusiasm is second to none.

Achievement awards

These awards were chosen by the musical director and were presented to two young players who have impressed over the last 12 months. Both are keen, triers and eager to learn and the improvement has been significant during their period of membership. The winners were Francis Ashley and Emily Woodfield.

Graham Thomas Award

This award is presented to recognise overall support of the organisation. This year is no exception to this. Back in 2000 we formed the Thoresby Colliery Youth Band. One of the main instigators of this was the musical director of the Thoresby Colliery Band. The band was applying for a lottery grant and part of this application was the development of youth. Teaching then at the Meden and Garibaldi schools Stan called a meeting of the parents of his pupils and that was the start of this band. He has continued to teach to help feed players into the band, comes and plays at concerts, has helped with the preparation for contests and has watched over is as band president from day one. This was presented to Stan Lippeatt.

Players Player

This year the Band chose one of our youngest members. Again the player has made good improvement but has developed significantly since a move of instruments earlier in the year. His Mum and dad were shocked at the move to Bass but have supported him and he has been rewarded with his fellow members choosing him as this year’s player’s player. Congratulations to Harvey Bevan.

After the awards the Band played a closing spot to bring the evening to a close.

Christine Lippeatt