Contest Results

Below is a list of all the contests Sherwood Forest Brass (Formally Thoresby Youth Brass Band) have entered since forming in 2000. click the links below for additional information on the contest.

 Year   Contest Section  DrawPlace Points 
 2014    Butlins Mineworkers National Brass Band Festival 4th  2 2nd N/A
2013 Midland Area Brass Band Championships  4th   
2013 Butlins Mineworkers National Brass Band Festival  4th13  10thN/A 
 2012Midland Area Brass Band Championships 4th 13 15th N/A
 2012Butlins Mineworkers National Brass Band Festival4th 811th N/A 
 2011Butlins Mineworkers National Brass Band Festival 3rd  12th  N/A
 2010Midland Area Brass Band championships 3rd  16th  N/A
 2010Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 3rd 15th  N/A 
 2009Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Kinton (Entertainment) 4th    
 2009Midland Area Brass Band Championships 4th  8th N/A 
 2009Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 4th 12 8th N/A 
 2008National Finals, Harrogate 4th  18th  
 2008Midland Area Brass Band Championships 4th  3rd 175pt 
 2008Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 4th  11th N/A
 2007Bolsover District Council (Entertainment)4th  1st  
 2007NW Area Brass Band Association (Buxton) 4th  9th  
 2007Midland Area Brass Band Championship4th  7th  
 2007Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 4th  1st  N/A
 2006Leicesteshire Brass Band Association 3rd  9th  
 2006Leicesteshire Brass Band Association 4th  4th  
 2006NE Midlands Brass Band Association (Entertainment) Open  7th  
 2006Midland Area Brass Band Championship4th  =20th  
 2006Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 4th  1st N/A 
Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 4th  8th N/A 
 2004Leicestershire Brass Band Association Unreg  1st