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Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 2012

Date: Saturday 21st January
Test piece: The Seasons, Phil Wilby
Adjudicators: Barry Thompson and Mark Walters
Venue: Crazy Horse Theatre, Butlins Skyline resort

Fourth Section Retrospective

Thoresby Colliery Youth put up a fine effect under the astute direction of Christine Lippeatt, with her youngsters showing that they were not all at hazed by the contest stage enviroment.

Each movement started so well, and whilest there were odd little clips and blips, this was a performance full of area qualifing potentail.

Phil Tait

Contest Remarks

A bit loud to start and some untuneful playing from corners choirs.
A bit quick for my liking - you don't give time for the music to speak.
In constast B i feel is slow
E - FF doesn't mean brash
G - This section is PP

Good tempo with some nice playing here from horn and again when sop enters but then becomes untuneful
Nice Euph but abit loud
Good accompaniment Style but too loud in general.

A little quick and too loud for me but settles back
It's very untidy with clips and intonation problems
Horns and flugal at B, you play lyrically - Well Done
It becomes rushed but again settles down
Well done euph & cornets but again it ends at P
Some very good individual playing but very load - this sometimes makes it difficult to play together and in tune.
Thankyou for your effects practicing this difficult piece.

M Walters

Contest Remarks

1. confident to open but overdone in dynamic and tempo rather quick - mutes rather hard - poor entry at B could be much more renerumite - E is far to over blown - poor balance - all dynamics much two loud, no atmosphere

2. fair to open horn plays very well sop also but both are a little flat, as in the first moveent all this is much too loud - fine horn playing - makes better at E intonation suffers in clossing bars

3. fair to open and all moves on OK - but tempo deviates at times - horns fine at B, C is untidy - semis not clean - semis better from E good Euphs etc from F untuneful before G rather untidy and untuneful in closing bar.

B Thomson