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Midland Area Brass Band Championships 2012

Date: Sunday 11th March 2012
Test Piece: English Folk Songs Suite
Composer: R. Vaughan Williams arr. by Frank Wright
Adjudicators: Peter Bassano and Mike Kilroy
Venue: Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College, Bedworth

Fourth Section Preview and Prediction


"Coming down from third section are the students of University of Warwick, Despite coming 4th last year and just missing out on a Qualification place, and Thoresby Colliery Youth, who due to the growing pains of young band had withdraw, but put in a encouraging show at Butlins this year

Both have real playing talent at different ages of development in the ranks and should fancy their chances of doing well"

4BR Prediction

1. Ireland Colliery
2. Whitewell
3. Market Rason RPC
4. Ratby CO-OP Mid
5. Melton
6. University of Warwick

Dark Horse: Thoresby Colliery Youth

Adjudicators Remarks

I - Solid opening but slow tempo, some good playing though with tight ensemble. Accident into (5) with Quavers. 6/8 a little lumpy in delivery but (9) flows well musically. D.C is generally  good but pick ups are not always together.

II - First note is not balanced, Cornet  pours very well but again pick ups are not together. the band needs to listen more carefully. tempo is very slow (cipca 60). Poco Allegro is undone. but the pulse is good. Tempo 1 is well done just odd bits of tuning details. Ensemble suffers at the end.

III- Good start but tune gets ahead of the accompaniments. Some rushing in quavers into (23), but goes along afterwards to 6/8 which is balanced but the lower down dynamics could be better. D.C is good but careful in approach, dynamics are better.

Lots to enjoy, but quite a lot of issues in terms of balanced, dynamics and ensemble.

Mike Kilroy  

Adjudicators Remarks

1) Rather pedestrian tempo adopted for this movement making difficult to capture the really spirit of the music. That said this was neat and tidy with every thing in reasonable order.  Nicely accompaniments cornets at (2). Bass solo and accompaniments Well Done.

2) Technically the opening well done, but the mood not really captured because the emotional phasing required was missing. Basses and Horns/Trombones around (20) nicely done. The ending was well controlled with effective "Mezza di voce" final chord.

3) Again a rather unconvincing (Slow) tempo - which gave for a less than invigorating mood. That said there were moments when the band as a whole sounded very good, rhythm was generally tight and ensemble neat and tidy. intonation too was petty good. 

This was generally competent performance technically but it lacked inspired musical energy to fully achieve the delivery of the composers message.

Peter Bassano