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Midland Regionals 2008

Date: Sunday 9th March
Test piece: Four Cities Symphony, Rodney Newton
Adjudicators: Malcolm Brownbill and Kevin Wadsworth

Fourth Section Runners and Riders

Christine Gent and her young charges returns once more and should be confident of clawing their way further up the prize table now that they are gaining invaluable contesting experience.

6th place at Leicester and 11th at Butlins showed that they are starting to get the taste for it - so lets see if they can push for a qualification place.

Fourth Section Retrospective

Thoresby Colliery Youth took the stand at the very beginning of the day and drawn number one in such a large field it would take a performance of real stature to stay in contention to the very end - and that is precisely what they did.

This was a fabulous sounding young band, well drilled and directed by MD Christine Gent and her beat was so clear even the audience were breathing together by the end of the performance was remembered, and it was justly rewarded with a final qualification spot.

Mike kilroy