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Midland Area Brass Band Championships 2009

Date: Sunday 15th March
Test piece: The Tailsman, Frank Hughes
Adjudicators: David Hirst and Derek Southend
Venue: Chamberlaine Technology College

Fourth Section Runners and Riders

In just three years Christine Gent and her band have shot up the results table here - so much so that last year they booked themselves a piece at the finals in harrogate.

There they did themselves proud and despite coming 18th the experience will have done  the young players the world of good. we fancy they may want to get back they pretty pronto too.

Fourth Section Retrospective

In a Creditable eight place the very young Thoresby Youth enjoyed a good opening. The sensible tempo allowed them to play the technical passage cleanly. Good rhythm and dynamics kept this at the top of the field.

The euphonium, flugel and soprano all did very well, but the technical difficulties and the odd of tuning kept this performance out of the top six.

Adjudicators Remarks

15th March

Good to start with use of dynamics although 1st entry could have been a little more accurate. B of C flow well furiaso troms could blend better. E Euph/Baris good. Nice Climax to finish.

Nocture good start but bar before A not together. A solo cornet please develop your vibrato. Slight intonation problems as yu progress. Euph also please develop your vibrato. Bar 28 to end not always together.

Scherzo opening quavers not quite clear. Nice troms at B,C,D & E all sound a littled layboured. Good trom at 152 although not totally secure. G,H,I all flow well with good section balance. V good to close with dynamics and tone quility.


I solid opening and good detail. Not always clean at A. B keep it together here. Allargando - good sounds but, bar 59 not quite together. Bar 65 - good contrasts. E good dynamics, but semiquavers not tidy in bar 86 good end

II not quite secure to open. A some intonation problems. Solo lines are mostly well played. An good attempted at dynamics at B but try to have a greater contrast in pp.

III Good opening and detail is heard. A-B good. C Fairly neet, this flows well. F more expression please. G good tempo. Majestically - good & J is impressive, good close. A good movement III - some intonation problems in II and I never quite settled down.